Rickshaw Rising Challenge calls for applications from business endeavours that are disrupting the auto-rickshaw sector in India for the chance to secure a place in a 6-month business support program and funding of up to US $50,000 each!

Do you have a business solution that has the potential to deliver large-scale improvements in quality of service, access, safety, environmental impact, and livelihoods in the auto-rickshaw space?

If so, we want to hear from you! Applications will be accepted through 20th December 2013.

To know more, read the details about the Challenge here.

Why Rickshaw Rising?

By 2030, India’s urban population is expected to grow by 200 million and reach 600 million people!

This level of urbanization will bring transport challenges. It also brings opportunities for entrepreneurs that can deliver innovative, sustainable, and scalable business solutions to address urban transport challenges.

Growing city populations demand transport that is safe, reliable, and efficient. The ubiquitous auto-rickshaw serves the mobility needs of millions of people. Yet, the sector remains largely unorganized which poses challenges in terms of poor quality of service for passengers, poor safety and environmental performance, and poor earnings for drivers.

What is Rickshaw Rising?

The Rickshaw Rising Challenge has been launched by EMBARQ India and Shell Foundation in response to the urgent need for entrepreneur driven innovations to address current challenges and the lack of a supporting ecosystem for auto-rickshaw businesses. The Challenge is a call to businesses and organizations that, with innovative ideas and the right support, can deliver vital improvements to the auto-rickshaw sector at scale.

EMBARQ India, with the support of Shell Foundation, is working to make sustainable transport a reality in Indian cities. One of the core areas of our work is to push for reforms in the auto-rickshaw sector, as it is integral to the transport ecosystem. Based on our study, we believe there are significant opportunities to develop viable business models to organize the sector, and to use innovative solutions to transform it.

How to participate?

If your business or organization has the potential to transform the auto-rickshaw sector and can benefit customers or drivers in tangible ways, we want to hear from you. We are interested in businesses that can:

  • Improve operational efficiency of auto-rickshaw service delivery
  • Reduce emissions by auto-rickshaws
  • Improve customer accessibility, experience and safety
  • Improve driver experience, education, income and health and safety
  • Explore the role of IT as a disrupter in the industry

To participate in the Challenge, check to see if you are eligible and submit an application before 20th December 2013.

Shortlisted organizations will be invited to a boot-camp and to pitch for funding of up to US $50,000 (per organization) and 6-months business support.

For further information about the Challenge, process, timelines, judging, and to know more about EMBARQ India and Shell Foundation’s work, read our Details section.